About Us

Franki Hall-Watson, having more courage than experience, decided to make her dream of building a clothing line a reality. 
Franki began grabbing the attention of her peers with her unique style and ambitious mind through social media. Faceless Fashion,  is an apparel brand that was created with the idea that your inner self is more valuable than your outer appearance.
Franki has seen how body image has changed over the years due to her generation. She noticed how people are more concerned with how others view them causing them to loose interest in their inner self. Mass media such as "Instagram",  has shaped modern popular culture and often influences public opinion. 
Franki feels that images portrayed by the media tend to influence people to strive to become someone else's idea of "perfect". Franki takes pride in the fact that there is no one else on  earth exactly like herself; or have her identical inner beauty. 
She believes that her outer beauty makes her differ from everyone else. Besides, wouldn't life be boring if everyone looked exactly the same?